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Yate Methodist Church

Moorland Road, Yate, Bristol BS37 4BZ

Yate Church


Worship Diary
The next few weeks Sunday worship services can be found in the Worship Diary. Although worship is part of our everyday lives and activities, each Sunday we come together for regular morning worship. Our worship is music led and this could comprise any mixture of organ, keyboard, flute, guitar, trumpets, baritone, saxophone & drums.
We are lucky to have many gifted musicians, who go under the name of 'Methodist Musicians', and these meet together each week to practise as well as playing on Sundays. We usually use Songs of Fellowship but also the traditional Methodist hymn book 'Hymns and Psalms'.
So that parents can worship without having to worry about their children we also have a creche facility. The second Sunday of each month is our 'Family/Parade Service' when the whole service is specifically designed to be suitable for 'all ages'. This is also the time when our Girls & Boys Brigades join us and 'parade' their 'colours'. This does not mean that other Sundays are not suitable for our youngsters and they join us for, at least, the beginning of each service before leaving for Sunday Club, where they worship and learn in a style specifically aimed at their age group.
Coffee and biscuits are served after each Sunday morning service and, ulike other denominations, we typically only take Holy Communion once each month (at present, normally the 3rd Sunday) and this is open to all.